Texas Recycling Day

Texas Recycle Day is an initiative that takes place around November 15

Texas Recycle Day School Activities

  • Invite a KKG speaker to your school to talk about recycling.
  • Have a recycling session during lunch time where the students are invited to drop their plastic bottles, aluminum cans, clean paper and compostable left over in special bins provided for the occasion. This is the easiest hands on experience to be tried at your school. All you need is four plastic bins and two or three parent volunteers to help the students know what can be recycled. It doesn’t take any class time and does not involve the teachers. It usually generates lots of questions and interest from the children.
  • Invite students to draw a picture on the theme of recycling and display their art in the school’s cafeteria or in the hallways.
  • Have a trash art session, where students will incorporate “throw away “material into creative sculptures.
  • Weigh how much trash one class makes at lunch during one lunch period. Make up a math sheet and a fun fact sheet about trash for your grade level. The sheet can be used to calculate how much trash is made over one day, one week, etc.
  • Write up an article for the Kingwood Observer or the Tribune including a photo after the events.
  • Conduct an exercise or workshop about making recycled paper and display the result.
  • For one day, integrate information that is related to recycling into all subjects, such as math, chemistry, biology, and speech.
  • Conduct recycling relays in gym class. Students race to decide which items should be recycled or composted.
  • Have a clothing collection day at the school for donations of good, clean apparel from students for Goodwill, the Salvation Army, a local church, or a civic organization.
  • Coordinate field trips to a recycling center.
  • Start an aluminum cans recycling program.
  • Start a school compost pile for yard trimmings from the school grounds.
  • Encourage waste reduction at the cafeteria by converting from disposable to washable dinnerware and avoiding Styrofoam.
  • Encourage the school to buy one or more recycled-content products or supplies, such as recycled copier paper, toilet paper, or refilled toner cartridges for laser printers.
  • Write up a “WAYS MY FAMILY CAN RECYCLE” paper to encourage participation in recycling or buying of recycled products.
  • Have a semi permanent environmental display at the library. Classes can take turns providing pictures or information about recycling and the environment.

Recycling Links for Kids

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