Summer begins and the big 4th of July celebration will be the highlight. Have you seen our recycling bins at local events? We hope they remind you to recycle at your family and church events too.

Q: Hal O:  Keep Kingwood Green helped promote the DEA Drug Take Back day out here in Kingwood on April 29.  Could you provide statistics on how much was collected? 
A: The Kingwood location gathered 756 pounds of pharmaceuticals. The next take back has been set for October 28, 2017 from 10am to 2pm.  I am sure we will be working with you again. (Shannon Martin U.S. DEA).

Q: Lauri A: I’ve been carrying around a bag full of packing peanuts. The local UPS store says they no longer accept them. Where can I take them? Also, where can I recycle the plastic film?
A: The film plastic is easy.  There are bins in the front of Lowes, Walmart, HEB, Kroger, and Randalls. Probably some other stores also have bins for film plastic. Just drop them in those bins. Sometimes the bins are a bit hidden, so ask if you don’t see it.

The peanuts are another story.  UPS sometimes takes them and then suddenly stops. Sometimes the other pack and ship services like Post Net or FedEX also takes them.

Q: John H: Where do I recycle wood?
A:  It depends on how much wood and its condition. If it is in good condition, give it away on Freecycle: There is also a Kingwood Bookoo: that you might check out. The City of Houston, too, has a reuse warehouse where good building products may be dropped off. They are then offered to non profit organizations by the City:

If the wood is no longer usable there are several companies that will grind it up for mulch.  Generally, it must be untreated and unpainted. Living Earth Technology in New Caney is a good example.  That company also receives branches, trees and green waste from the City of Houston.

Q: Donna R.: I always put items in plastic bags in order to keep everything orderly for recycling.  If this is not correct, please let me know.
A: Please empty the recycling and take your bag to use again or recycle at a grocery store. No plastic bags or film plastic, as it is called in the business, should go into any of the recycling bins. Plastic bags cause equipment damage and shut down of the whole recycling line. The MRF’s put crews at the beginning of the line to rip open the bags and to pull the film plastic out as well as anything else that is not recyclable. This crew, film plastic, and garbage add costs and can make the whole recycling operation unprofitable. Helping the MRF’s helps protect our community and our kid’s health.

Thanks for your questions and for recycling!  Comment or ask questions by visiting our website:, or e-mail:, or call us at 713-206-0558 and leave a message. A volunteer will get back to you.