In my last column I mentioned that it is important to Recycle Right! 

Most of us take our trash pickup (and recycling if we have it) services for granted.  We put the trash and recyclable materials out and it disappears!  Some of us have to pay an invoice for the service.  Generally speaking if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, the HOA board decides which private company or if the City of Houston will be your service provider.  If you are not happy with the services you receive or the price you pay, your first call should be to your HOA.  Most private companies are flexible with the amount of service they offer.  However, the more service you get the more you will typically pay.
Back to the Recycle Right statement.  What you put into your curbside bin or in the bins in school parking lots or at the Kingwood Metro lot is important.  If the materials are not what is listed on the bin or in the instructions you have received for curbside pick up, it costs more to recycle the materials.  Trash (items that are not supposed to be in the bin) will most likely be sorted out and sent to the landfill by the MRF (multiple recycling facility).  This costs money and eventually you will have to pay more for the service or with the City of Houston, your taxes will go up. So, learn what you can and cannot recycle in the bins that you use.  Never put film plastic in any of the bins including the trash bags in which you collect and transport your items!
You can always get tips on recycling, what goes in the bin, and learn about upcoming events by going to:  We are an all volunteer non- profit organization working to improve recycling options and educating about recycling in the Lake Houston area.
If you live in one of the few neighborhoods that still does not have curbside recycling, we would like to hear from you.   As mentioned above, your HOA controls this process.  We have worked with HOA’s all over the area to bring curbside to many neighborhoods.  We are willing to speak at a neighborhood meeting or to the board of your HOA but must be invited by them.  There are alternative places to take your recyclables if you don’t have curbside recycling, but we know that most residents will not drive somewhere to do that.  Curbside Recycling saves tons of materials from the landfill.
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