Recycling Guides

Appliances & scrap metal
Pete Hess, at 832-377-JUNK will come to your home or place of business for free to pick up recyclable metal objects; large appliances (including freezers and microwaves), commercial vehicle batteries, alarm systems, car parts, boats, golf carts, fork-lifts, motorcycles, etc. See details on

Rechargeable batteries can be recycled at many hardware, electronic and department stores (Alspaugh’s, Sears Hardware, Best Buy, Radio Shack…).
The only batteries which should be placed in the trash are household, alkaline-type batteries (AA, C, D, etc.). According to the City of Houston, battery manufacturers have removed most of the heavy metals from this type of battery and it is safe to place these in your normal trash.

Books and current magazines
Donate them at the Kingwood Library. Most are sold for the benefit of the library at the FOLK store inside the new building

Cartridges (Inkjet and Laser Toner)
Take them to Local Print Solution!(  2714 W Lake Houston Pkwy),  where you will get a discount on a refilled cartridge or drop them at Best Buy
 or at the monthly electronic recycling event in Kingwood Park&Ride.

Cell phones/Smart phones
Working or not working. Please drop them at Alspaugh’s Ace Hardware(2720 W Lake Houston Pkwy), Local Print Solution!(2714 W Lake Houston Pkwy) or at the monthly E-Waste pickup. This is a fundraiser for Keep Kingwood Green.

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFLs) bulbs and Fluorescent tubes
Place any unbroken CFL in a plastic bag and deposit them into one of the collection units at Home Depot or Lowe’s.
Lowe’s also recycle the florescent tubes.

Origins has bins for recycling at their counter inside of Macy’s (Deerbrook Mall) and at other locations.

 Best Buy stores accept televisions and monitors up to 32”, flat-panel televisions up to 60″, computer CPUs and notebooks, small electronics, VCRs and DVD players, phones, as well as accessories such as keyboards, mice and remotes, etc.
Goodwill has a special program with Dell called Reconnect. Goodwill accepts any brand of used computer equipment in any condition and anything that can be connected to a computer; monitors, printers, scanners, hard drives, keyboards, mice, speakers, cords & cables, software, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Zune, Microsoft-brand Webcams, etc.
Please call, for information on recycling televisions, cell phones and appliances

Bring used eyeglasses to Alspaugh’s (2720 W Lake Houston Pkwy), The Lake Houston YMCA (2420 W. Lake Houston Pkwy ), Kingwood Library or Walmart stores and Sam’s Club with vision centers. They are sorted, cleaned and refurbished for distribution to needy people throughout the world.

Garden Pots and Trays
Bring used garden pots and trays to Lowe’s, they will be sterilized and reused. Material not deemed reusable is crushed and sent for recycling.

MW cleaners recycle hangers as well as poly bags. They do this both in their stores as well as through their home pickup and delivery service.

Household Hazardous Waste
If usable please give on Freecycle or Kingwood Yard Sale (FREE section)

-The closest household hazardous waste facility is the North Environmental Service Center (713)837-9137, located at 5614 Neches, Building C. It is open to Houston residents only, every 2nd Thursday of the month from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Material collected: anti-freeze, batteries, fuel, oil, paint, pesticides and other household cleaners. Residential electronic scrap items (monitors, CPUs, televisions, VCRs, etc) will also be accepted.

-The Westpark Consumer recycling Center is open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and take all BOPA items and more (see website for all items) but not oil based paint and chemical.

-If you live outside the City of Houston but in Harris County your alternative is to take your items to the Harris County Collection facility. See this website for times and location.

-If you live outside of Harris County contact us and we will try to find your closest drop off site.

Medical Equipment
Call Medical Bridges (713) 748 – 8131 for donating walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, hospital beds, medications, etc.

Walgreens, 4445 Kingwood Dr. in Kingwood used to take back medication but changed their policy lately. The CVS in town center has a bag you can buy for about $4 to mail your medications somewhere for safe disposal. Unfortunately the DEA has discontinued their quarterly collections. Call them at 1-800-882-9539 to know the approved drop off site nearest you.

Motor oil 
You can bring your used oil to be recycled at O’Reilly Auto Parts (3219 W Lake Houston Pkwy ) or Firestone (2166 Northpark Dr.) or Jiffy Lube (1890 Northpark Dr).

Packaging peanuts and bubble wrap
Some mailing stores in Kingwood will gladly reuse your packaging fillers:
– Mail & More (3007 Woodland Hills Dr)
– PostNet (4321 Kingwood Dr.)
– The UPS Store (4582 Kingwood Dr or 526 Kingwood Dr )- UPS also accepts large Styrofoam blocks.

Paper Shredding
The City of Houston brings a truck to Kingwood about once a year.  Join our mailing list to be notified. If you can’t wait, Local Print Solution! does it every day for 79 cents a pound or whatever the special is.

If usable please give on Freecycle or Kingwood Yard Sale (FREE section) or see Household Hazardous Waste

Plastic grocery bags
HEB, Randall’s, Kroger and Wal Mart have a special recycling bin at the entrance of the store where you can drop your plastic grocery bags.

-Styrofoam chips can be brought to most UPS store. They reuse them for their packaging.
-The closest location that recycles any clean Styrofoam is Houston Foam Plastics located at 2019 Brooks Street, Houston, TX 77026 – Phone: (713) 224-3484
– Westpark Consumer Recycling Center accept  Styrofoam Blocks and Food Service Items (plastic #6 that is clean; no peanuts; no rubber or foam sheets)