Earth Day

Earth Day School Activities

  • Invite a speaker to come and talk about wildlife, forestry, clean air, etc. Many speakers from local environmental groups (and from KKG) are willing to come for free.
  • Have an environmental awareness fair with many groups and information tables and have volunteers or teachers accompany groups of five children to each table. Feature “hot” environmental concerns such as wildlife issues, global warming and energy use, forests, air and water pollution, biodiversity, or sustainability.
  • Address a local or global environmental problem in class. In small groups, have each group brainstorm and decide on an environmental issue to investigate. Then instruct them to conduct research on the problem. Have each group report their findings to the class, including any possible solutions identified.
  • Do an environmental survey. How much and what kind of energy, paper, and cleaning supplies are used monthly at your school? How much water is consumed? How much waste, and what type of waste, is generated? Identify ways your school can reduce its use of energy and other resources. Report your findings to school administrators.
  • Get creative! Have students write poetry, create art, or develop dramatic presentations on environmental themes.
  • Imagine the future. Have your class write an essay answering the question: “What might the environment be like on Earth Day 2025?” Create a bulletin board or other display of essays and artwork in your classroom, or at a central location in your school.
  • Earth Day Groceries Project- An easy, cost-free environmental awareness project. Students decorate borrowed grocery bags with environmental messages about reuse, recycling, wildlife, etc. The bags are then returned to the grocery stores, and on Earth Day customers receive their groceries – along with the message that kids care about our environment – in the decorated bags.

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