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Our Speakers

Keep Kingwood Green can provide speakers for your school or group. We have several Power Point presentations available and can adjust them to your need. Feel free to have a look at them:

Our Education Chairperson, Katrin McManis, will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a speaker.

What you can do

How can you start or improve an environmental program at your school? Becoming the PTA Environmental Chairperson would give you the support of an organized group with other volunteers and a budget. However, if you don't want the commitment of being a PTA chairperson, there are many easy activities that can be organized by just one volunteer parent. Some of them can even be done easily all year long on a regular basis. Here are a few examples:

Resources for Teachers and Students

The Story of Stuff: a great 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns.

The following websites mainly focus on curricula for teachers

EE-link: Environmental Education Resources on the Internet.

Environmental Education: Resources and links

A to Z teacher stuff:Trees, recycling, composting, pollution, Earth Day, etc.

NWF, Environmental Education: Schoolyard habitat program, educator resources, etc.

Environmental Protection Agency: Great resource center for teachers, students and kids (age 5 to 12); information on many topics, games, science projects, etc.

The following websites are designed more specifically for children with educative activities and games.

Kid's Planet: Facts, games, stories for children and resources for teacher about wildlife.

Welcome to Recycle City: This kid friendly site from the EPA has games, activities, and fun facts to show you why recycling is so important

Soil Composting Activity: This fun activity can show you how to make fertile soil out of things you would find in a trash can. Fertile soil helps plants grow and can provide food for lots of people.

Sort Mania Game This game by the Enviromental Protection Agency that will show you how to sort and recycle.

Planet Protectors Club Check out how you can be a member of the Planet Protectors Club for Kids! It involves fun games and activities.

Paper University Can you get your diploma at the University of Paper? Don't forget to click the Fortune Teller for fun paper facts.

Recycle Roundup The National Geographic has created this amazing game to help you recycle. Do you have two minutes to spare?

Eeko World by PBS Do you know what the world health is today? Listen to silly jokes told by a monkey. And, see what the future looks like.