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If you deposit your recyclable items at the Kingwood Metro lot, you may have seen the new sign by the bins that says “Let’s Recycle Right”.  You probably have heard that commodity prices are way down from a year or so ago.  The good news is that gasoline is a commodity and we are paying way less than a couple years ago.  The bad news is that recycling revenue, what they City gets when they sell the recycled items, is also way down.  While the City Solid Waste Department is subsidized by tax dollars, they do rely on the sale of these items to pay for the service.  We don’t want the service to stop, so here is what we can all do:
Do not mix or contaminate items in a bin.  Plastic means plastic and not a whole bag full of mixed items.  The plastic bag itself is a real problem if thrown into the bin.  Machinery and technology is used to sort items.  The plastic bags get stuck in the sorting machines and may cause the whole operation to be shut down while the “film plastic” is untangled.  The technology is useless, too, if different items are mixed inside the bag. 
Cardboard is one of the most valuable products if recycled properly.  That means it must be flattened before being put into the bin.  It costs lots of money to transport a full bin to the recycling plant.  If cardboard is flattened, it takes much less space and the bin can hold two or three times as much product.  Again, do not contaminate by leaving plastic or Styrofoam packing materials in the box.
We all want to recycle as much as we possibly can.  Watch for the delta (triangle) sign on plastics and make sure you only recycle plastic that has the number 1 thru 5 & 7 on it.  If there is no symbol, it should not be put in the bin.  If you see a number 6 that indicates polystyrene (Styrofoam) which is also not accepted. Putting items in the bin that are not wanted causes the resulting bale of plastic to be worth less. 
These simple steps will make our recyclables worth more and help to retain this free service from the City of Houston.  If you are lucky enough to have curbside recycling, the same rules apply.  While most private trash services charge a small fee for recycling, they still depend on selling the commodities to help offset the extra cost of the extra truck and crew that comes around to pick up the recyclables.  While you can mix items in the same bin, the film plastic should never be recycled at curbside.  All grocery stores, WalMart, Target, Lowes and Home Depot have containers at the front of their stores for any kind of plastic film and bags. 

Christmas Tree Recycling
The City of Houston will again offer Christmas Tree recycling this year from December 26th until January 9th. Unless the City's Solid Waste Management Deartment is your trash service provider, all trees put at the curb will go to the landfill. Waste Management, Republic Services and Best Trash do not recycle trees or any green waste put at the curb.  If they are your service, you can take your tree to the cul de sac on Bens Branch in front of the Kingwood LibraryPlease remove stands and all decorations. Flocked trees cannot be recycled.  Living Earth Technology will pick up these trees and grind them into mulch. Our take: If you hauled the tree in you should also haul the tree out to be turned into mulch and not sent to the landfill!
BOPA Results

Amazing turnout for the most recent  BOPA

We are proud of you, Kingwood! The BOPA collection event on December 5th was a huge success, as approximately 36,846 pounds of recyclable materials were collected from close to 650 vehicles. 

More than twice as many residents showed up compared to the last collection in April. While the crew from the City worked as fast and as efficiently as possible, at times the wait time was over 30 minutes. We know some of you could not spare the time and had to take your items back home with you. Still over 18 tons of paints, oils, anti freeze, batteries and scrap metals were kept out of our sewers and landfill! (1,300 pounds of batteries, 4,900 pounds of used motor oil, 21,650 pounds of latex paint, 500 pounds of antifreeze and 8,496 pounds of scrap metal)

Thank you so much to all of you who came out and waited patiently in line. We appreciate you!


Happy New Year

We at Keep Kingwood Green wish you a very Happy New Year! While you are making resolutions for 2016, do resolve to add a few more items to your recycling list. How about that film plastic mentioned above? Resolve to start using reusable bags for shopping if you are not already. Do start collecting all film plastic and taking it with you to one of the stores that collects it. We thank you for caring and doing your part to protect our environment and saving materials for future generations. 

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Empty your plastic bags and reuse them
Local paper recycling bins are overflowing after Christmas
Remember to read the signage. No plastics in paper recycling bins
Invest a reusable water bottle and always recycle your single use bottle
Bring your trees to the Kingwood library for composting
Remove all decorations and the tree stand
BOPA event had record participation
Lots of old paint and motor oil was collected at the Dec. BOPA event
Thank you for donating your cell phones to us
Always look for recycling bins when out and about
Let's Recycle Right! Do not contaminate!
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