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Electronic Recycling is back!

The monthly collection service returns next Saturday, March 5th.

So many of you asked us “When will the next Electronic Waste Collection be held in Kingwood?” and we are excited to tell you: It's back in March!
The next Electronic Waste Collection in Kingwood will be held on Saturday, March 5th from 9 am to 3 pm. We waited eight long months for City of Houston Solid Waste Management and CompuCycle to agree on a new contract.
Thanks to you and the many Kingwood residents who reached out to our city leaders in support of bringing back electronic waste recycling. The City heard our many voices and the Houston City Council unanimously approved it on February 17th
We are told the collections will resume pretty much as they were held in the past at the Kingwood Metro lot on the first Saturday of each month. 
If you have questions as to what they will take you can go to CompuCycle’s website for a comprehensive list. The website also lists some items they will not take and asks you to call them if you have questions. (713-869-6700).
One item not mentioned on the page but is elsewhere on the CompuCycle website is that they will not take any TV at the collection event in Kingwood that is larger than 27 inches.  You can always deliver larger TVs to their warehouse during normal business hours though or bring it to our local Best Buy store.
The story on TVs is that it costs more to recycle and dispose of the hazardous waste in TVs than the recovery of the materials inside is worth.  The City does pay a subsidy to CompuCycle for disposing of these hazardous materials. 

Again, we are happy to see E-Waste collections return to the Kingwood Metro lot the first Saturday of every month for the foreseeable future. A big “Thank You” to our District E Houston City Council Member, Dave Martin, and his staff for their work in bringing this service back to the residents of Kingwood. 

Recycling Cell Phones

According to the EPA for every million cell phones we recycle, 35 thousand pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold and 33 pounds of palladium can be recovered.

To make smart phones, Manufacturer use precious raw materials that must be extracted and processed, and consume natural resources and energy that can affect our air, land and water, as well as plants and animals. A smart phone is made up of many parts, which use these materials, such as: a LCD display (glass, plastic and liquid crystalline), a circuit board (copper, gold, lead, silver and palladium) and rechargeable batteries (lithium metallic oxide).

Donating your old cell phones or smart phones can also have social benefits for communities. In fact, many existing recycling programs donate cell phones that are in good working order to worthy charities, raise funds for non-profit organizations like Keep Kingwood Green.

Spring B.O.P.A.

Prepare for another B.O.P.A. collection event at the end of April

Spring B.O.P.A. – the Batteries, Oil, Paint and Antifreeze (and Appliances & Scrap Metal) collection is returning to the Metro Park & Ride lot on Saturday, April 30th. Sponsored by Mr. Martin and the Solid Waste Management of the City of Houston. 
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Come to the METRO Park & Ride with your old electronics
Collect your E-Waste and drop it off next Saturday
Remember to check with CompuCycle regarding the size of your TV. You may have to take it to Best Buy instead
Recycle all your old electronics, like cables, wires and computer parts
Never ever put your E-Waste in the trash
Millions of cell phones are sitting in drawers, waiting to be recycled
Thank you for donating your cell phones to us
Mark your calendar for another B.O.P.A. this Spring
Wonderful news for Kingwood residents! E-Waste Collection is back.
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