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National Drug Take-Back Day was a big success
It was a rainy start to the day on April 30th.  The weather forecasters were predicting wind, lightning, possible tornadoes and lots of rain for that Saturday.  The B.O.P.A. collection event scheduled for that day had been cancelled the day before by the City since it in not a good idea to be handling hazardous substances in a open parking lot like at the Metro during a lightning event. 

Nevertheless, the DEA and Houston Police showed up for the National Drug and Medicine Take-Back collection.  Luckily the storms came through early and by 10 am all was clear.  During the next four hours Kingwood residents brought 650 pounds of these substances to be responsibly disposed of. (That is a lot of pills!)
Of the seven drop off locations in Houston, Kingwood collected 30% of the Houston total.  It is always tempting to put unused or expired meds in the trash or dump them down the toilet.  This should never be done as they can find their way back into our drinking water.  It is always best to consolidate these items in a safe place and bring them to the next Take-Back collection.  Our website and newsletter always give you this type of information as soon as we find out about them.  Unfortunately these usually only happen once a year.

Thanks to all of you who came out on the 30th of April.

B.O.P.A. scheduled for May 21st
Due to the threat of severe weather on April 30th, the City postponed the B.O.P.A. and has rescheduled it for Saturday, May 21st from 9 am to 1 pm.  The collection event will be held as in the past, at the Metro Park and Ride location on West Lake Houston Parkway just north of Kingwood Drive. 

This is your opportunity to get rid of that old latex paint, motor and cooking oils, antifreeze, and rechargeable batteries. Remember, there is a limit of 15 gallons of the liquids each.

The City offers this service in Kingwood twice a year and only to City of Houston residents, so be prepared to show proof of residency.  As always, Pete from Junky Business will be there to take scrap metal, major appliances, motors and pretty much anything that has metal in it. 

If you have questions about what will be taken on the 21st, go to our
website for more information.  If you miss the event on the 21st you can take the items to the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center.

If you have a major appliance and cannot get it to the Metro lot, call Pete at 832-377-5865.  He may be able to pick it up for you.

Recycle your Electronics

Next E-Waste Pick Up is on Saturday, June 4th,  9 am to 3 pm
Since CompuCycle resumed electronic waste recycling in Kingwood in March, a total of 70.000 pounds or 35 tons have been collected on three Saturdays.  On May 7th, an estimated 18,000 pounds were collected. 

That is a lot of valuable commodities kept out of the landfill, not to mention the hazardous materials that never should be buried in the earth.  We still talk to many people who are not aware that this free pick up is the first Saturday of every month from 9 am to 3 pm.  We also see electronics along the curb on trash day. So, please tell everyone you know and forward this newsletter to them, too. It is so easy! It will take you five minutes at the Park & Ride lot

We are always amused that some people will run all over Houston to save a few dollars on the latest electronic gizmo, but then can’t be bothered to recycle.  There ought to be a law!  Well there is, although it is not very well enforced. 

Trip to the MRF

You say what is a MRF?

On May 6th Waste Management had an open house at their West Houston Multiple Recycling Facility.  They are pretty proud of the fact that they do more recycling in the US than any other company.  In Houston they have several of these facilities. 

Several of us from Keep Kingwood Green were able to attend the open house.  Have you ever wondered what happens to all the stuff you put in the recycling bin and which then goes into a recycling truck either at the Metro lot or in your neighborhood if you have curbside recycling, it all ends up at a MRF. 

Here with an ingenious mix of machines and manpower it is all separated and then packaged into huge bales of things such as cardboard, paper, aluminum, metal, and various grades of plastic.  Glass, too is separated and shipped off to Dallas at this point to be made into new glass or fiberglass.  This facility employs 75 workers and operates at least 16 hours a day five or six days a week depending on how much we all recycle. They tell us they have lots more capacity to recycle more commodities. 

It makes us at Keep Kingwood Green wonder why so many people still send everything to the landfill where it is lost forever. 

Textile Recycling

According to an industry expert, only about 15% of all textiles (clothes, shoes, linens, etc.) are recycled.  Of the other 85%, all but about 5% could be recycled and kept out of the landfill. 

Many of us keep a bag somewhere in the house or garage where we put things like this intending to eventually take them to HAAM, Goodwill, or some other worthy organization.  Good intentions don’t always come to fruition.  Sometimes that bag is hauled to the curb when a big cleanup is necessary putting lots of good materials in the dump. 

Several “for profit” organizations have contacted us recently asking if we would help promote a free curbside pick up of these items on your normal recycling day.  While none of these programs have so far gotten off the ground in the Lake Houston Area, we understand some areas around Houston now have this service. 

Your HOA board would most likely have to approve this addition to your recycling efforts.  If you are interested in this service, first talk to your HOA and then let us know and we can put you in touch with the proper people. 

In the meantime, do take those bags of excess or worn out clothing and textiles to your favorite charity or drop them off at the Kingwood Park and Ride lot when you drop off other recycling.  ATRS has a collection bin at the North East Entrance.  Almost any shoes or clean clothing can be recycled no matter the condition in the ATRS bin.  Please don’t send it to the landfill!

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Call us 713-206-0558 and leave a message. One of our volunteers will get back to you as fast as possible.

Thanks to the DEA & Houston Police for coming out to Kingwood
650 pounds of unused or expired medications was collected
Thanks for disposing your meds responsibly
B.O.P.A. is now scheduled for May 21st
Bring your old latex paint cans - 15 gallon limit
Look for our tent at B.O.P.A.
Take your scrap metals and big appliances to B.O.P.A.
Donate your old cell and smart phones to us at B.O.P.A.
E-Waste Recycling at the Metro Park & Ride
Get rid of your old electronics every first Saturday of the month
Recycling at a MRF
Paper waste at a sorting Center
Keep recyclables and fabric out of landfills
Recycle your worn out clothes
Look for the ATRS bin at the Metro Park & Ride
Always look for recycling bins when out and about
Motor and cooking oil will be accepted at B.O.PA. Saturday, May 21st from 9 am to 1 pm.
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