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Reuse: Donate unused items to Charities or to Freecycle !

All the charities below are accepting donations of clothing for women, men and children, paired shoes, linen and small household items (kitchen utensils and appliances, small electronics, books, tapes, CD, suitcases, purses, sporting goods, jewelry, etc.), anything that could be sold in a thrift store.

Some charities also take large appliances, furniture, computers or magazines. Most charities don't have the resources to repair non working or damaged items though. Thrift store are not allowed to resell mattresses and many of them are not selling toys. These items can be given away on Freecycle.         

Drop-off Centers in the Kingwood/Porter/Humble area

Pick-up at Your House

Some charities come to Kingwood on a regular basis and are willing to pick up donations at your house.


is connecting people who are throwing away unwanted items with others who are seeking the same items. Even rusted, torn, stained items or anything needing repair will make someone happy on Freecycle!

Kingwood Yard Sale is another place where unwanted items can be given away in the FREE section. 

Kingwood.com classified also has a FREE section where unwanted items can be given away